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%temp% Command

Left click all numbered items, unless specified to right click

1. Start

2. Type %temp%

3. Click file folder

4. Click Home tab, top left

5.  Click Select all, top right, make note of number of items (files) to be deleted

6. Click Home

7. Click Delete, BIG RED X

8. Click try again several times

9. Click Skip repeatedly until dialog box close 

10. X out to close window


 Instructions to Empty Recycle Bin

 1. Right click Recycle Bin, then left click to open

 2. Make sure all items in the Recycle Bin is equal to, or less than the number in
      step 5 above, if the number is > (greater than) and not =, or < number noted in
      step 5; STOP, AND CONTACT IT, Ed Turner 314-971- 4707

3. If the number is =, or < (equal to, or less) than number in step 5 

4. Click Manage, top left

5. On the left side of pop up Ribbon, click to Empty Recycle Bin

6. Yes,